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ost people who visited the forums took her for granted. Even web developers who get paid to work with Shopify for client x and y provided no tangible reward, except for a 'Thank you so much, Christina, you rock'.

I know... she was not helping to get something in return, but it just didn't seem right to me. Perhaps the Shopify team should have hosted her store for free (and they did not), but clearly that alone wouldn't have been sufficient, and let me remind you: Shopify is not an open-source community like Drupal, where everybody must scratch their own itch, and provide help if they want to get help (if they can). Christina was unofficially working for a company (Shopify), filling a gap (a void!), not getting paid for that diligent work, and all that for what?

Because 'we' have to? Because we're women? Because we're wired that way? Because it's in our genes?

Christina told me 'because it's fun too, solving these hard puzzles...' Ok, ok... I am being sexist.

I am a sexist. Some men are like that too, that is, some men are very generous too, I know, but never to such extremes.

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