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I bought a Apple Watch from Ronano-Store.myshopify.com and now they do not exist. A call to myshopify was a waste of time, they told me they are a mall and have no control over their SCAM merchants.

They told me to go to my credit card company and file a complaint, I already had. I thought they might want to know of the SCAM but they did not!

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Do not purchase from this company. The items never arrived.

My 2 girls saved every penny to purchase the bouncy horse and got ripped off. They are so distraught.


I spent 207 dollars on apple watch and have not recieved it. The confirmation email is fake and the links in it do not work.

Ridiculous, this is the one and only thing my daughter asked for for Christmas, now I will have a very sad girl on Christmas morning because there are such *** out there scamming people. I am pursuing charges on this company.

to Anonymous #1616976

Yep this site is fake it's gone it got me for $133.99 I'm trying to get a refund from my bank right now don't shop there !!!


Ronano just got me for $62 for a watch through my Visa card. Even sent me a receipt via e-mail.

Visa contacted me as a suspected fraud - but I responded that it wasn't (because I had receipt and had checked out their web site. NOW IT"S GONE).


I can also confirm that the heygirlstore.net is a scam site. The phone number is for a law firm. The physical address is a Motorcycle club in Canada.

to Anonymous #1615036

Damn they just got me. I got some airpods for $99 with tax so a total of $104 and I had a question regarding compatibility and now the website is gone.

It only allows me to reply to email drangonball02222@gmail.com. I'm so mad I called my bank and it said it would take 40-65 days

to Mcwatkis #1615039

My charge comes up as lightthehouse Vancouver


I also was scammed. I was linked to the scammer by Slickdeals website.

I start a dispute. The charge on my credit card is from "CLARIFIED ACCOUNTING ST. JOHNS, CAN" which seems a legit accounting company in Canada.

Is the same for you? Thanks Andrea


Bought an Apple Watch for my daughter for Christmas, never got a confirmation number, then I attempted to contact store, but there is no longer a website, then I saw this post. Filed fraud claim with my bank, sure hope they can do something about it.

$200.00 is a lot especially during this time of year.

Why can't people just be honest? Maybe get a real job?

to Anonymous #1615040

Same here I've never been in this situation but was trying to save $60 . Airpods are 160 on apple site and found them at the heygirlstore.net for $99


Yea they are doing the same thing on Gizii.myshopifyy.com. They use a real address and phone number on the site.

I called the number and it is a kay Jeweller. They said they had received hundreds of calls from people asking where there products are at. But they said they are not involved.

They contacted there attorney and the FBI is involved now. Hopefully they catch these bastards.

to Pissed off people #1614333

We bought an apple watch for $100 under retail on Gizii myshopify site too. Now the website it gone!


I got scammed on Ronano store .com too. Never received merchandise and now they don't exist.


I got scammed as well. I bought an Apple I watch 3 for 200 dollars and couldn’t believe how cheap it was.

I tried to email them but I kept getting error reply stating it is not a legit email. 2 days later, I get a confirmation of shipment but no tracking number.

Several days later, I clicked on their website again but now the website is gone. I had to call my bank.

to Jayjay1234 #1615042

It's crazy just got off the phone with my bank


Same thing happened to me with the store before Ronano, NewJourneys. I alerted them (Shopify) that I believed Ronano was the same people, I see they didn’t do anything.

Now they are using another name, Gizii.myshopify.

I contacted my credit union not have not received a response. I don’t know what to do!


Also got scammed for 2 separate Apple watch purchases on Dec 8 & 9. Called Capital One - sure hope I won't be billed for these.

Person I spoke with was unaware of this scam. Tried to send email to support@ronano-store.com and it was returned as invalid email.


Same happened for me. I'm disputing the charge now. GRRRR.


scam scam scam


Is it at all possible the shop is having issues through spotify I'm only asking because I too purchased an apple watch for 245.00 and got an email showing it was on it's way but cant track because the stores down

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