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Shopify and most sites that it powers, is a rip off. For example, "free watches and/or bracelets but pay for shipping" Here's why...

One of Shopify's business model is to provide a "front" to sites like alibaba/aliexpress/be others>. These shopify sites actual don't hold any inventory. What happens is that when a customer orders a product for FREE (for the sake of this argument) and asks to pay $15 for shipping (because anything free is an awesome deal)...what the shopify site simple does is turns around and orders the same item (since they are a front to alibaba/aliexpress) for $1-5 with free shipping. The item is shipped directly to the customer, sometimes taking forever because free shipping from a virtual store doesn't have any tracking.

See the rip-off here? The shopify site owner keeps your $15, in all the while dishing out only $1-5 to alibaba/aliexpress. At the end of the day, you do get your product...which is nice, right? If you don't believe it, simple do an image search on these "free" products and you'll see the same item pop up on alibaba/aliexpress.

Are these items on alibaba/aliexpress knockoffs? Don't kid yourself, companies have better things to do than make knockoff items other than Rolexes, for one. But then you say, Shopify hasn't done anything wrong and they're not doing anything illegal. Both statements are correct!

Take it this way, blank CDs and CD writers aren't illegal either. However, if I use them make a copy of a song, I'm ripping off the artist. The fact that I've used these tools to "pirate" songs isn't the problem of the makers of blank CDs nor the makers of CD writers...just as people who are using Shopify to rip off customers isn't the problem Shopify nor alibaba/aliexpress. In one, the artist gets ripped off and in the other, customers like you and I.

Makes sense now?

See the correlation? With all that said, I'm sure there are legitimate business owners who sell their own products which they produce and using shopify as an online store front.

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