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Background: product ordered from AdventFit was not as described, purchased through Shopify.

Issue: Unable to reach AdventFit, domain is not working and emails all bounceback.

Shopify's response to my request for a refund is to call my bank and have me deal with it. They claim that they are just a platform and cannot help any end customers. Completely unhelpful and unfocused on assisting the customer. For a good read, please read the transcript.

Lorena S: Hi, how can I help you today?

Customer: i recently made a purchase through one of your stores, after 20 days, i finally received the product and it was not as described. I am not happy with the product; however, when i try to contact the seller, it appears that the store has completely disappeared.

Customer: the company was called AdventFit

Lorena S: Hey Lee! My name is Lorena and I’ll be your guru today :)

Lorena S: Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Lee. Would you be able to send me the link to the store?


Customer: i can also provide you with my order receipt.

Lorena S: Hey Lee, would you be able to provide me with their email address?

Lorena S: I'm unable to open any of the links you sent

Customer: yes, i know you cannot open any of those links. That is my point, i have no ability to start the process of a return.

Customer: the email provided in their emails is; however, that is a bad email as well.

Lorena S: Well, what you can do is go to your bank and try have them start a refund process

Customer: when i emailed that address, it immediatly came back to me as a invalid email.

Customer: Why would I do that? This company obviously uses your services, shouldnt you assist in this process?

Lorena S: What I can do is look from my system and put their store under an investigation. But anything related to refund would be with your bank directly

Lorena S: I'm sorry you're going through this Lee, but as I said, if we do find them in our platform not compliant with our terms of services, we take proper action

Customer: this is incredible that has a company that promotes and assists other companies to sell through social media platforms that you absolve yourself of any responsibility for your clients actions or inaction.

Customer: its clear to me that I will have to spread the word of Shopify's questionable business strategy. Amazon and eBay, do not run away from problems from their resellers.

Customer: they always focus on the customer first. I am shocked that this is shopify's position on this matter.

Lorena S: Lee, I totally understand why you're frustrated about this. But Shopify is only the platform merchants use to sell, we don't hold the money that you paid to the merchant

Lorena S: They are a marketplace in Ebay and Amazon, it's totally diferent :/

Lorena S: Shopify is just a platform, we don't handle the business that the merchant and customer does... I wish I could process a refund for you, but I can't even access that store

Customer: The fact that I can provide you every receipt and email that comes from YOUR system and then you remove yourself from any responsibility is convenient and repulsive.

Customer: YOUR platform is ideal for criminals and con-men

Lorena S: I'm absolutely not removing myself from this, Lee, I'm trying to help with everything within my capabilities

Lorena S: I've submitted the details you sent me to the Risk team, which are opening an investigation about it.

Lorena S: A solution for the refund, would be directly with your bank

Customer: to which i expect, I will never hear anything from Shopify again.

Customer: yes, make your customer fix your mess.

Lorena S: We do not accept any fraudulent or scamming behaviour in our platform

Customer: but you have...i got a *** product that i bought through YOUR platform and YOUR client, is a scam/fraud

Lorena S: That's why I appreciate that you bring this to my attention today, so I can go ahead and find out about that business conduct

Customer: right, i did YOUR work of vetting YOUR clients

Customer: at my expense and the ONLY thing Shopify will do is clean up their exposure, not my financial issue with a subpar product.

Lorena S: Our platform is not a marketplace, which makes us not have control over each merchant's customer. We are the platform and care about who are using it to do business. As I said, we do not accept fraudulent merchants using our platform and to be honest with you, this shop might have disappeared because of that.

Lorena S: But for the moment, what I can do is bring this onto the specialised team to handle this and advise you to request a refund in the bank

Customer: got it. you're welcome. I always like to work for free. I appreciate Shopify's non-customer friendly platform.

Customer: Youre not offering me anything that I didnt already know. Shopify is making me do the work for your inability to properly vet your clients.

Customer: so, yes youre welcome for my efforts of telling you about Adventfit and youre welcome for my effort to process my own refund.

Customer: In the end Shopify has done nothing for me, the customer.

Lorena S: Lee, this merchant was not shut down before probably for a few reasons. The fact that his product is not what he advertised, doesn't mean the platform would catch him as a scam or something

Lorena S: You did receive the product, most likely other customers also did

Lorena S: This is a complex situation and I understand you're frustrated. As a fellow online buyer myself, I hate when I receive products different to what I expected.

Customer: and then you are told by the intermediary to go do your own refund. yeah that sucks.

Lorena S: Although, the banks protect us in this situations... online commerce is risky, but there is laws and regulations that help us to make it better

Customer: That is a cop out. Shopify has the option to be responsible for its vendors. You have chosen not to, so that will make it easy for people like me to shed light on your weak business practices.

Customer: I've recorded this chat and will be sharing my experience with your second rate customer service policies.

Lorena S: Our platform is not a marketplace, that is the difference.

Customer: thats an argument of convenience, you have the choice to hold your vendors to high standards and when they default, you CHOOSE to not pick up the pieces.

Lorena S: This is not about customer service, Lee. It's about procedures of a business, that doesn't operate as a marketplace like Ebay for example. Shopify is just a platform

Lorena S: We don't handle purchases, that is why I'm unable to offer you any kind of refund.

Lorena S: Although I offered you all I can to help

Lorena S: As I said, I'm totally limited in this situation and I understand your frustration :/

Customer: Amazo's resellet program is just a platform for them to sell products using the Amazon platform. When a reseller fails at their responsibilites, Amazon holds them accountable. and picks up the default when the reseller fails. so your argument is invalid, other than it is shopifys position to not care about their clients.

Lorena S: Amazon is a Marketplace. It's a completely different business model

Customer: so while you understand my frustration, your time would be better spent understanding customer service. Shopify has a choice in the way it chooses to do business.

Customer: no you are the same business model.

Customer: See you on the internet.

Customer: from the looks of it, you guys are already plenty news worthy with similar scams

Lorena S: Well, Lee. As I said everything I could do I just did: submit this shop to an investigation to the specialised team and find out if they really were selling in our platform and how their business worked.

Customer: way to go. stick to those guns.

Lorena S: I advise you checking with your bank as a refund is possible, all you need to do is contact them.

Lorena S: I advise you checking with your bank as a refund is possible, all you need to do is contact them.

Lorena S: If there's anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Lorena S: You can reply to the email you will receive after this chat.

Customer: for what? you can't do anything to help me or any of the other hundreds of victims.

Lorena S: I can indeed help to stop this happening. The only thing I can't do is process you a refund.

Lorena S: It sounds like this is the only thing you want from me, right?

Lorena S: If so, the bank will be able to help you in no time

Customer: you cannot help ANY of this from happening because your solution is reactionary to someone becoming a victim.

Lorena S: I've been a victim before Lee, I totally understand what you're going though

Customer: so for all of us that have already been scammed by YOUR resellers, you cannot help us.

Customer: that is the shopify customer services policy

Lorena S: I can indeed, I can help by bringing those stores to investigation

Customer: that does nothing for the already scammed

Lorena S: For that case, you can contact your bank and they will be able to help in no time! They have regulations for customers in situations like yours

Customer: so by this logic, your going to help "the raped" by searching for "the rapist", and tell us to go to a dr to get the help.

Lorena S: The solution for this is go to the bank. You will get your money back

Customer: got it. thanks for your help.

Customer: just cause you keep saying it doesn't make it helpful

Lorena S: I guarantee to you that we do care about customers and under no circumstance we let merchants in the platform without any regulation or rules

Lorena S: We aim to make commerce better for everyone and our platform empowers entrepreneurs trying to do business too.

Customer: oh ok. i am totally feeling the "caring" by your company.

Customer: Well news flash, you don't make it better your perpetuate its ability to scam people.

Lorena S: Scammers or fraudsters represent an extremely small margin and we work hard everyday not to let any of this happen

Customer: You might want to google your company, You have a poor reputation and known history for assisting scammers.

Lorena S: Scammers are usually recognised by the system right when they set up an account and get shut down straigh away

Lorena S: the store we are talking about here might not have been recognised because they were fulfilling their order as they should - even though the product was not as promised

Customer: again its a reactive system, that is only repaired when you have blood on your hands.

Lorena S: You received your order, I understand the product came different as expected and that's why you can request a refund from the bank. But I assure you regardless my inability to process any refund for you, I can make sure that store will be contacted about their business conduct. We have specialised teams to handle this.

Customer: ...and what does that do for me?

Customer: Does it get me my refund back?

Customer: Does it give me my time back?

Customer: Does it help me in ANY way?

Lorena S: The bank will give you a refund.

Customer: AGAIN, you miss the point.

Lorena S: So basically all you want to hear from me is that I can give you a refund, right?

Customer: yes.

Customer: what else would i want from you?

Customer: i want to hear you provide true customer support.

Customer: instead of kicking the can down the road and expect someone else to do YOUR job.

Lorena S: PLease read this link:

Lorena S: It shows you how chargebacks work and how you can ask your back to proceed with the process.

Lorena S: There are regulations for victims like you and the bank will be able to help.

Lorena S: They are the right ones to help you with this. I want you to have your money back and that's the ONLY way.

Customer: I know how it works, ive been in It for over 30 years and built platforms similar to yours.

Customer: Dont pander to me under the ruse that you are helping me in any way.

Customer: there is only one way to help, which you and your company do not subscribe too

Customer: so i have a link for you:

Customer: learn what the world thinks of you

Lorena S: I understand the low reviews about customer service, these are all buyers, we only support merchants that use the platform since we don't sell preducts. As I mentioned, we are not a MarketPlace, we offer a platform for merchants to sell their products. They have their own business policies in their stores, which buyers agreed to prior to purchasing something.

Lorena S: As I said, at this point we will keep going in circles with regard the refund situation, that should be dealt with your bank, while I work along our specialised team to investigate this store and keep preventing situations like yours.

Customer: you didnt read deep enough. There are hundreds if not thousands of people like me that have been scammed by your resellers.

Lorena S: I appreciate you shared that with me, I'll definitely bring this to the leads attention!

Lorena S: It all help us become better at business.

Customer: thank you for doing nothing and not helping me at all. high five, you are an awesome business

Lorena S: I've done everything I could and please consider talking to your bank today, that's the only way to get your money back.

Lorena S: As I said, I understand you're frustrated with all this, but there is a solution for you and it's in the bank!

Customer: please consider getting a REAL customer service policy for the people that get scammed. cause your current model is weak and unhelpful.

Lorena S: I'll bring this all to the responsible teams, Lee. I appreciate your contact and feedback.

Lorena S: If there's anything I can do for you, feel free to reply to the email you'll receive after this chat.

Customer: You're very welcome. I have enjoyed the occupation of my time that is obviously meaningless to Shopify. I further want to thank you for allowing me to spend more time with my bank, in an effort to correct the errors of YOUR resellers, Thank you being so helpful.

Chat ended.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shopify Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: I will never use again, Customer service unable to offer solutions.

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And you expected Shopify to do what? If you went to a brick & mortar store and was ripped off, would you call the leasing company or would you do what smart people do, call the credit card company?Clearly you did not make the smart choice. Rather than come here to whine, CTFB!!!Or don't...

to Anonymous #1519251

The fact you cannot differentiate between accountability and responsibility to the client shows that you’re ignorant to consumer rights. I didn’t come here to whine about it, I came here to warn others about it.

Shopify is irresponsible for all there actions when it comes to being a processing company.

And if you’re going to come and call me out, have the common decency to not hide behind being anonymous. Coward.

to Lstafford3 #1573574

Typical Loser Comments 1-You must work for (insert company) 2-Something about not being brave because the default moniker was used These comments show you're totally clueless about anything and should not reproduce nor come out into the real world. They're used when you can't defend your position with fact, law and/or logic.

BTW, I find it amusing that someone using a moniker such as your complains about "hiding" Lstafford3 is, that your real name or an anonymous moniker. Choad

to Anonymous #1573751

Says the guy/girl hiding behind anonymous. So with that big brain of yours, enlighten us with your understanding of how the world works.


I had a si.ilar issue with this Oscar@adventfit.Except the other website was journeywatchco.comI ordered goods and the next day the site had compketely vanished.I handled my transaction through Paypal, but there has been enough time to recieve a package so if I don't get it in the next 30 days I will be reporting the seller to paypal.

to Kay W #1517557

Good for you!! Promote your *** experience everywhere, these tactics should be illegal.

to Kay W #1518625

Hi. I’ve been trying to find information on and what happened to it.

I saw an ad on facebook and decided to order something. thought the site was legit because they sent me a package tracker email and everything.

now the website is gone and can’t find a trace of it on facebook. I’m also waiting for my package before I report.

to Dennis #1518964

I ordered from journeywatchco as well. It’s only been a few days, but they had ZERO problems withdrawing the funds from my bank account. I’ve never had an issue before, and I buy a lot of products through Shopify.

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