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Same exact thing happened to me. 11/23/18 An add popped up on my Facebook: Black Friday sale 90% off horse scooter for kids at TCYM shopify.

I purchased 2, (A black pony & a brown one with white hooves). $24.90 each, $19 shipping. $68.80 total. I tried to email & also click on the link from the store in my confirmation email.

Store is closed. There should be a way we can get our money back.....

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I had the exact same thing I ordered a horse on this sale and the site is closed. NO product and no way to get my money back.

I will Never use shopify again or reccomend it to anyone. This entire company and all the people who supposedly sellitems are SCAMMERS.


On Nov. 23.I ordered two lamps.

My total came to $55.42.

I cannot get a response from the website. The website has been deleted.


Same thing happened to me, but luckily I only ordered one.


I was also scaammed. Ordered off facebook ad on Black Friday.

Paid $39.90 and now the website doesn't exist.

I always say "sometime if something seems too good to be true, it probably is." I'm not sure who i'm more pissed at, myself... or the Spotify website for allowing this company to scam its customers!


I was scammed also with the scooter horse. I have tried to contact Spotify several times with no luck.


I have the same situation. Ordered one and now no responses to emails.

I guess I need to go through my bank now. So sad!


I was also scammed. Has anyone gotten through to anyone, or do we have to take this up with our bank? I'm so mad.


I got scammed also. There has got to be a way to get our money back.


I never received my order, I was scammed ! No phone number , no return e-mail.

I am pissed also. Please do not buy from this company!


Always be leery of anything popping up on Facebook. They do not care about their users and let anyone online, especially unscrupulous companies. Their privacy concerns leave a lot to be desired.


I ordered as well. I’m filing with my bank Monday morning. I got the email then directed to a shut down site!


I am now finding out I was scammed on this product also, I ordered 1 horse on 11/23/18, I got a conformation # and have not gotten word of my horse being shipped, tried e-mailing several time, no answer from anyone, tried contacting store, Website comes up as shut down, will never do online shopping with this company again, I agree with the other people on this page We should all get our money back!! Shame on all sites that let this happen to honest hard working people trying to give there children a Happy Christmas


I was also scammed and can not get an email back from them! I’m going to file fraud charges with my bank


I also bought 2 of the horses and have not received them or any updates.

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