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If you were taken advantage of on BF through this company. Your account has been charged. It was charged that same day. The store on shopify shut itself down. They took the money and ran.

Shopify has pretty lenient screening, which lends itself to more fraud activity. I spent hours on chat with Shopify, they are aware of the issue. But they can do nothing to get your money back.

My 72 year old Mother was hit for a lot of money. Im talking A LOT, all of her Christmas money is gone and there isn't much she can do.

All I do know is that the bank statement says CB BOLTON. There is no address or phone nimber. It doesnt really matter, they never had these ride on toys to sell in the first place.

I will contact my Moms bank tomorrow, but I dont expect much.

I'm sorry if you are in the same boat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shopify Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I saw the add advertised on facebook and ordered. What a shame!

Not happy.. Shame on them!


I am in the same boat....ordered 2 ride-on horses for my grandchildren, got a fairly legit looking confirmation of payment ( with confirmation number) saying they were preparing the items for shipment, and then .........NOTHING !! I am a senior on a fixed income, and can ill afford to lose money like this. I have contacted my credit card company, and so far have received little help !


At the end of the day, it's greed and stupidity that feeds scams like this. No one in their right mind would think they could get something for next to nothing.

They thought they were getting over on someone and ended up getting under. You whine about Shopify but several platforms were used to pull this hustle together. The hustlers knew exactly how stupid the demographic they targeted are. They appear to have targeted low budget, older folks.

I'm also willing to bet they targeted by their voting habits. To make things worse for others, the fools who fell for these gave email addresses that will be loaded up to create audiences that look like them. This means additional people will be exposed to future scams thanks to people who wanted something for nothing. These are the same people who fall for phone scams all the time.

Do you call ATT and whine to them about being a breeding ground for scammers and lenient vetting policies? Would you call Verizon to get your money back if you fell for the banana in the tail pipe?

to Anonymous #1612418

You must be one of the most miserable people to have this reply to someone who was just trying to warn others...

to Anonymous #1613652

yOU must be one of the suckers who can't see the warning in the message. Next time get your grand kids to look over any order you're thinking of placing online.

At least they're smart enough not to fall for stupid scams.

P.S. If someone calls and says to buy gift cards to bail someone out of the stockade, that's another scam

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