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Update by user Dec 21, 2018

I have now as of December 19th received a random email from a foreign ID, I'm assuming what is the Drop Shipper trying to prove they are listing delivery of package. How come I can't have contact to the original seller "Supreme-Q" this is Absolutely unbelievable the fact that this Proves that there is a Channel of communication from "Shopify" to the Seller and then Apparently to the Drop Shipper. The issue is the Shipper is sending worthless trinkets for items that aren't what was ordered my issue is who is the "Seller" the seller took my Money $$ they're the ones that ripped me off, and now the third party shipper to try and say a item was shipped and they have proof of delivery BUT that's not what me as the purchaser didn't buy, the shipper has mailed me a useless piece of garbage that is nowhere near what I originally paid money for.

Update by user Dec 21, 2018

Today December 21st received a letter from Bank of America dated December 10th this is in response to me having sent 12 pages disputing the fraudulent charge of being scammed on a product ordered from Supreme Q, I am now told was not enough information, that I will be recharged having finished their investigation ... A little bit unbelievable that they even checked into anything at this point mycase required me to submit information to them by December 16th I had faxed it on December 4th, results of today's call to Bank of America I'm told that there is No Information on file for this dispute in talking with the representative..

he's initiating a reopening of the case Wowwa..

So now I was scammed by a seller and so much for Consumer Protection now Bank of America is proceeding to do their scam on Me. After 21 years with their credit card , I have now filed a complaint with the FCPD- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look into Bank of America's handling of my complaint as well as the handling of the fraud in the first place.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2018

Same Facebook ad for the $29.98 on Facebook on Nov 2. I got the email confirmation with an order number.

On November 10th link for order went to 404 dead website, email send came back. Disputed charge on November 10th to my credit card Bank of America I even took the precaution of creating a SafeShopper virtual credit card number for $30 limit. I receive letter from BOA for me to submit paperwork about this dispute I sent 12 pages, 1page was consisting of start to finish description transaction to make sure everything was explained exactly. Another page given the https: links for Shopify...https represented the safe and secure website unbelievable unreal Bank of America turning into a joke Visa seems like fraud somebody send me information of how to contact Shopify they seem to be ripping people off allowing sellers to be Fake & fraudulent sellers.

I received a toy roll up electronic drum... wowwwww.

Today is the 19th I received letter from Bank of America telling me that they were unable to determine a billing error and that they didn't receive details describing and that I will be refilled. Where is credit card protection I've been ripped off sent everything I had with pictures of the toy I went over above and they claimed not enough info this is Bank of America I thought I was protected with Visa or even Bank of America since it was their visa blatantly ripped off as well as all these people the Bank of America acts like they know nothing wowwwww.

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