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I ordered a unicorn riding pony cycle on November 23rd an my order# is 6316. I still have not recieved it an i want to know what you...

Shopify is going to do about this!!!!! If people trust you as a company to fulfill security when we give our personal banking information and you fail to do so then you should be sued by all customers that were scammed.

Cause you have all the vital information on the company's that are scamming all your customers, and you can take it up with the scammers an their fake company!!!! Wtf

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I had this happen too, on the same day as this one. I called my bank and they cannot find this company or whatever it is anywhere, but they are still trying.


Oh shut it up!! The scammer will only see the delivery info that you put in there.

They will not see the CC info. More than likely, the payment processor is a 3rd party that will only hand over the money idiots like you provided them.

This would not have worked if you weren't silly and ignorant. This is on you....

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