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Shopify does not protect consumers against fraud. The story goes, you buy from one of their stores.

The seller takes your payment, sends you a confirmation email and when you havent heard of any shipping news, you click on the view my order or view this store link in the email and the store has since closed and is gone just like your money... Shopify costumer service claims no responsibility and just says call your bank or credit card company to file a complaint.

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And your point is what? If you went to an actual physical store and was ripped off, would you go to the owner of the store or straight to your credit card company to get your money.

What is it with you people? Stop falling for too good to be true nonsense. If it's not a a stupid horse pony scooter, it's another expensive item that comes at a prices that makes no sense. Do you *** actually stop and wonder why are these prices so good?

Is it a scam or cheap knock off? You can find email addresses to contact someone after you were scammed but not smart enough to find one to contact a seller, ask questions and a get a real feel for them. This is the same as buying something off a guy on the street for a great price and find you were ripped out.

You won't ask the city to shut the street down and take responsibility for your foolishness to help you get your money back would you. Idiots...

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